Roadmap & Updates


1000 claimed

1 reserved Dragon Bro gets air dropped to a random wallet that has his bro(s) in there. So that he wouldn't feel lonely.

2000 claimed

The first TDB online game (for TBD holders only) starts getting prepared, accessible through "Play together!" tab).

4000 claimed

The first Dragon Hall event ready to launch. A list of trivia quizzes will be released and the winner gets 1 reserved Dragon Bro.

7000 claimed

Community-exclusive TDB merch items ready to get online, featuring limited edition T-shirts, hats and more.

9000 claimed

We set up the Opensea market and ready for you to exchange your Dragon Bros.

10000 claimed

The gate from TBD to the enormous Metaverse behind-the-scene opens. New content will be released sooner than you think, because they are already waiting!

The TDB Team 


We are a group of metaverse believers and we are actually aiming at building up a metaverse. The TDB NFT is just a starter of this enormous metaverse that is waiting to come out. As a proud TDB holder, your dragons will play an essential part in the metaverse!


Richard. Virtual Rocket Builder. Flies in his dream.